Is My Esports Team Ready for Jerseys?

I'm afraid I have to start by answering the question with another question:

How seriously do you want to be taken?

Esports gaming jerseys are vital for team identity, unity, and branding. They showcase sponsors, instill professionalism in players, and enhance fan engagement. Jerseys also offer merchandising opportunities and uphold a tradition in esports, adding to the sense of normalcy and continuity in both live and online events.

Key Benefits

1. Team Identity: Just like traditional sports teams, esports teams have their unique colors, logos, and designs that represent them. Wearing jerseys with these designs helps in building a strong team identity.

2. Unity: Wearing the same jerseys creates a sense of unity and camaraderie among the team members. It can help them feel more connected and cohesive, which is important for teamwork and performance.

3. Branding and Marketing: Esports jerseys are a significant aspect of a team's branding. They create a recognizable image for fans, media, and sponsors. Having team members wear the jerseys in streams, online events, and social media posts helps maintain a consistent and professional brand image.

4. Sponsor Visibility: Most esports jerseys prominently feature the logos of team sponsors. These sponsorships are essential for the financial support of the team, and wearing the jerseys even in online events helps in fulfilling sponsorship agreements and gives visibility to the sponsors.

5. Professionalism: Wearing a jersey can instill a sense of professionalism and seriousness in the players. It can help them mentally differentiate between a casual gaming session and a professional competition.

6. Fan Engagement: Fans often wear their favorite team's jersey to show support. When players wear the jerseys, it strengthens this fan-player connection and helps in boosting fan engagement and loyalty.

7. Merchandising Opportunities: Teams often sell jerseys as part of their merchandise. Seeing players wear these jerseys can boost sales and provide additional income for the teams.

8. Tradition: Much like in sports, wearing a team jersey has become a tradition in esports. It brings a sense of normalcy and continuity to the competitive scene, regardless of whether the event is live or online.

9. Growth: Factors one through eight all contribute to the factor most of us will find the most important: growth. In a world of impressions, likes, subscriptions, and engagement there's a certain standard of expectation that we all have when evaluating a brand. Whether you're looking to expand by bringing in new members, players, creators, investors or sponsors you need to look the part.

Prepared for Live and Webcam Events

By boosting your team with jerseys and merch as soon as possible you will be well prepared for any live cam or in person event. Live events can happen fast and sometimes faster than custom jersey printing and logistics. It's an awful missed opportunity when you've put in all the work with your team and brand to appear at a live event only to be a time crunch and not have jerseys.

How Exclaim minimizes barriers to entry

Before us, there existed no great way to get started with custom esports jerseys. The challenge is that your team needs a unique look that matches your brand in theme and colors, but the options have been limited or non-existant. Typically, it required paying a Shopify site to create a custom design, paying for them to open a store, then paying them for every color change or design tweak. Brutal.

With us, the power of design and instant mock ups from nearly 100 unique templates with an unphathomable amount of color combinations is at your fingertips. Not only that, but your store is in your control. No need to wait for your provider's staff to make simple changes; rather, you can make on the fly adjustments for no cost. You can add unlimited products for no charge. All you need to get started is a vector graphic.