Automated. Transparent. Easy.

Our platform revolutionizes partnerships and affiliate programs with our clients and ambassadors. Here's how:

  • Free full front end tools to design over 150+ print on demand products.
  • Free full back end access to draft, publish, and manage your own promocodes and store listings.
  • Free full back end access to view your performance reports.
  • Automatic 10% discount for purchases and earnings from sales as soon as you publish a store.
  • Merit based opportunities to increase your discount/profits to as high as 35%.
  • Automatic 25%-50% sponsorship of any earnings used as store credit or gift cards.
  • Automatic enrollment as an affiliate with links to our three brands for up to 10% affiliate commissions.
  • Your store will serve as a "ghost" affiliate link for referral purchases from other teams/brands/orgs that initiated through your store link. A 'passive' affiliate link, so to speak.
  • Double XP Program - Good faith discount boost that requires a report of your sales performance from your previous 365 days.
  • Logo onboarding audit - Whether functional for the purpose of printing or constructively critical for the sake of branding we will onboard you for as few costs as possible.

Your Obligations

Nothing. No gimmicks. No BS. Create an account, upload your logo, design products, publish your store, and everything above is yours. That's all.

Getting Started

  1. Create an account.
  2. Upload your logos. Vector logos with trimmed canvases are best.
  3. Design stuff.
  4. Setup your store.
  5. Draft, publish, and manage your product listings.


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