Maximizing Success with Exclaim: An Onboarding Guide for Partners

Onboard Checklist

  1. Register: Sign up on the Exclaim website
  2. Web Store Setup: Claim your URL and publish your store to boost to level 5 discount.
  3. Logo Uploads: Remove background and trim canvas to reduce white space.
    1. Vectors: Preferred file format (.ai, .svg, .pdf). Having your own vectors will save you money.
    2. Rasters: Upload your .png or .jpeg
  4. Design Apparel: Choose from over 150 products to customize using our online Designer Tool
  5. Place Order: Review designs and finalize your order.
  6. Order Tracking: Monitor order status in the Dashboard.
  7. Promote Store: Implment effective marketing strategies to promote your store.
  8. Fundraising Monitoring: Keep track of product and sales performance.
  9. Download Brand Kit: You are free to download Exclaim brand assets and use them on social media, twitch streams, or other content.

Dashboard Overview


  • Settings
  • Orders
  • Addresses
  • Saved Carts
  • Permissions (Coming soon!)
  • Budgets (Coming soon!)
  • Invoices


  • Logos: Upload and manage your logos.
  • Designs: Access all saved product designs.
  • Rosters: Manage player personalization and bulk order details.

Web Store

  • Settings: Configure store settings and external links.
  • Discounts: View discount levels and subsequent product pricing.
  • Pricing: Set and manage product pricing.
  • Draft: Prepare store products and organize with custom collections.
  • Promocodes: Create and manage promotional codes.


  • Projections: Performance thresholds for future discounts.
  • History: Discount level history.
  • Sales Orders: Individual store sales orders, status, and earnings.
  • Products: Product sales performance.
  • Affiliate: Track affiliate link performance.
  • Payouts: Monitor earnings, sponsorship amounts, and payouts