A New Era in Tetris: Breaking the Bounds of the Unbeatable

A New Era in Tetris: Breaking the Bounds of the Unbeatable

The world of competitive gaming witnessed a groundbreaking moment in a classic game. Willis Gibson, 13, who goes by the gamertag of BlueScuti, achieved the impossible in Tetris: reaching such a high level that it caused the game to crash. This remarkable feat not only challenged the long-held notion of Tetris as an unbeatable game but also brought excitement and inspiration to the Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC) community. You can watch his full stream of the accomplishment on his BlueScuti YouTube channel.

The Unprecedented Victory Over Tetris

For years, Tetris has been emblematic of the infinite challenge – a game where success is measured not by winning, but by enduring. This paradigm was completely overturned when Willis transcended the game's known limits. By pushing the game to a level so extreme that it exceeded its programming capacity, this BlueScuti set a new benchmark in the history of Tetris. The community knows at what levels crash points are possible and has mapped it out down to the crash probability based on a certain amount of simultaneous lines cleared at that level. However, actually crashing the game was previously only accomplished by a bot. 

The Skill Behind the Triumph

This achievement is a testament to more than just quick reflexes and button mechanics you wouldn't believe. It represents an extraordinary blend of deep analytical understanding of the game, relentless practice, and mental fortitude. BlueScuti's journey to this pinnacle of gaming excellence showcases what dedication and passion can accomplish in the realm of competitive gaming. The technique used for this to be possible is truly remarkable. Moving beyond level 29 isn't possible through standard controller mechanics. The gravity of pieces falling is too fast for left and right directions to move pieces to the far edges. Without being able to move pieces to the far edges you are sure to lose in the blink of an eye. Pressing and holding the left or right direction arrows needed an improvement in order to move to higher levels. Enter a technique called rolling. Which is actually insane. To execute this technique, players will anchor their thumb on the front surface slight above the dpad but don't necessarily "press" using that thumb. Instead, they use four fingers on the under side of the controller to tap quickly and in sequence, as if impatiently tapping your fingers on a desk in sequence. This allows for players to achieve 4x speed in tapping the anchored d-pad on the front. It's truly remarkable how they do this and even in writing this it's difficult to understand the precision, timing of those taps. On top of that, the player still has to move the piece into the correct spot, which is something many of us failed at with only a fraction of the speed.

CTWC Community: A Hub of Inspiration

The CTWC community, a melting pot of the world’s most dedicated Tetris players, has been buzzing with excitement since this historic moment. This achievement has not only sparked a renewed interest in the possibilities within Tetris but has also inspired players around the globe to push their own limits, exploring new strategies and techniques to excel in the game. This accomplishment will likely only be the start of what's to come for the competitive Tetris community. It will only be a matter of time before others are able to crash the game as well, and likely sooner as BlueScuti missed his first crash point opportunity by clearing too many lines (it's complicated). 

Exclaim's Connection to the Milestone

BlueScuti's choice to wear an Exclaim jersey design during their 2023 live championship competition highlights Exclaim's growing presence in the gaming world. Although not officially partnered with BlueScuti or the CTWC, Exclaim's involvement in providing high-quality, customized gaming apparel aligns with the spirit of the gaming community - a testament to individuality, excellence, and the pursuit of pushing boundaries. You can utilize the same jersey design template as Willis and create your own jersey here.


This historic moment in the world of Tetris has opened doors to new possibilities and challenges in competitive gaming. It serves as a beacon of inspiration, proving that with enough skill, determination, and creativity, even the seemingly unattainable can be conquered. As the CTWC community continues to evolve and grow, driven by such extraordinary achievements, Exclaim proudly supports the gaming community's diverse expressions and endeavors, celebrating each player's unique journey and achievements in the gaming world.

Willis Gibson Tetris championship pose

Willis Gibson 2023 Classic Tetris World Championships, by David "aGameScout" McDonald