About Exclaim

We are, first and foremost, experts on custom apparel. As the industry has evolved we were able to utilize our love for automation and gaming in a productive way. We love helping teams and companies grow their brands through apparel and design all while providing the best custom apparel experience that automation has to offer. Our platform is second to none and we want to share what we have built. No where else can you find design, production, and user facing online stores with simplicity in design but with major ecommerce features to help build your brand.

Join our Discord community server and let us know how we are doing. Your feedback is essential to the development and expansion of the platform.


We have been in the custom apparel industry for over two decades. We have accumulated a vast knowledge base of various printing techniques, color management, and embellishment longevity. We use tried and true techniques that have reliably produced millions of printed products over generations. We've long outfitted schools, youth sports, and business in the New England area, but with the development of our software and technology we are able to service the U.S. from coast to coast and even abroad. 

Three Pillars

1. Product Quality

We stand behind our products. Nothing quite ruins our day like a misprint. We've gone to great efforts to automate as much as possible but ultimately humans do work on your order and we make mistakes. If your shirt comes in with a seam unraveling, print blemish, bad color, or typo on a name just send us a picture and we'll expeditiously fix our mistake.

2. Delivery Times

With automation comes speed. We are the only esports jersey company that can facilitate professional quality jersey designs to having shirts delivered in two weeks. Delivery times are absolutely critical to the success of an apparel company and to your brand. Getting that jersey or merch item in the hands of staff, players, community, and creators is an absolutely essential touchpoint for your brand with those valuable team members. Doing so quickly is imperative. We understand this and monitor our production times closely. 

3. Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team is there to help you. Whether you call 1-888-671-4090 or email service@exclaim.gg you will speak to one of our customer service reps in Connecticut. If you have transactional, logistic, or general questions all roads end here. They will have the answer readily available or find that answer for you. You won't be bounced around in an endless loop of departments.


We've built Exclaim on our own proprietary framework. That means no turnkey out of the box platforms like Wordpress, Shopify, or anything similar. This allows us to streamline design to distribution using whatever insane ideas or solutions we come up with. For you, it means a fast and responsive experience with time and cost saving utility.