• Must use EXCLAIM as your official and exclusive merch provider.
  • Must link your EXCLAIM strore through your website, social media, Discord, or at least one platform.

Sponsored Perks

  • Logo Audit: We will review your logos and provide consultation and guidance regarding your brand as it pertains to printing and embroidery processes.
  • 50% cheat code for up to 5 unique items. Cheat code is a single use code with a single shipping location.
  • Store banner graphic creation.
  • Store launch social post graphic creation.

Onboard Checklist

  1. Register: Sign up on the Exclaim website
  2. Web Store Setup: Claim your URL and publish your store to boost to level 5 discount.
  3. Logo Uploads: Remove background and trim canvas to reduce white space.
    1. Vectors: Preferred file format (.ai, .svg, .pdf). Having your own vectors will save you money.
    2. Rasters: Upload your .png or .jpeg
  4. Initiate Logo Audit: After uploading all your logos, contact an Exclaim representative for recommendations on best branding practices and custom merch print and embroidery suitability. The purpose of our logo audit is to recommend options for your logo improvement and reduce the onboarding costs for redundant logowork. 
  5. Design Apparel: Choose from over 150 products to customize using our online Designer Tool
  6. Place Order: Review designs and finalize your order.
  7. Order Tracking: Monitor order status in the Dashboard.
  8. Promote Store: Implment effective marketing strategies to promote your store.
  9. Fundraising Monitoring: Keep track of product and sales performance.
  10. Download Exclaim's brand kit and use our logos in various placements.

Dashboard Overview


  • Settings
  • Orders
  • Addresses
  • Saved Carts
  • Permissions (Coming soon!)
  • Budgets (Coming soon!)
  • Invoices


  • Logos: Upload and manage your logos.
  • Designs: Access all saved product designs.
  • Rosters: Manage player personalization and bulk order details.

Web Store

  • Settings: Configure store settings and external links.
  • Discounts: View discount levels and subsequent product pricing.
  • Pricing: Set and manage product pricing.
  • Draft: Prepare store products and organize with custom collections.
  • Promocodes: Create and manage promotional codes.


  • Projections: Performance thresholds for future discounts.
  • History: Discount level history.
  • Sales Orders: Individual store sales orders, status, and earnings.
  • Products: Product sales performance.
  • Affiliate: Track affiliate link performance.
  • Payouts: Monitor earnings, sponsorship amounts, and payouts


The following are optional actions and are not required but we consider them positive steps in building a valuable and long lasting partnership. If you are looking for additional ways to help Exclaim build our network of orgs and teams this is the best way to help.

  • Leave a 5 star review on either Google or Facebook.
  • Use Exclaim logos from our official Brand Kit on your social media posts, social media profile banners, streaming overlays and other digital placements.
  • Ask your community members to follow our social media pages; such as, X, Facebook, and/or Instagram.
  • Utilize your affiliate links for not only but our other brands of and for team sports and general businesses, respectively