Garden State Esports Partnership

Garden State Esports

Garden State Esports is the largest educator run scholastic esports organization in the country. Serving over 250 schools and about 8,000 students, this New Jersey based league is a trailblazer in the space and an Exclaim partner we are very pleased to introduce. Garden State Esports is a nonprofit organization founded by educators, dedicated to organizing scholastic esports in New Jersey. Their mission is to provide high-quality, student-centered experiences in esports, allowing ALL students to grow socially, emotionally, and academically.

The organization envisions scholastic esports as more than just gaming; they see it as a platform to empower students and coaches in creating safe and inclusive spaces through self-advocacy and bystander intervention training. Garden State Esports aims to connect gaming with social & emotional learning, health & wellness, and digital citizenship, offering opportunities for students to explore career pathways in the esports industry through partnerships with colleges and professionals.

Their vision extends beyond the classroom, as they strive to collaborate with school districts and support community organizations like libraries, religious & community centers, and after-school programs, utilizing esports as an effective teaching tool.

Garden State Esports is guided by core values, emphasizing the connection between learning and play to showcase the real-world value of education. They value providing safe and engaging opportunities for all students, fostering a strong community of scholastic athletes that exemplify leadership, accountability, commitment, and teamwork. Moreover, the organization promotes diversity, encouraging strong character and self-identity while celebrating individuality and differences among participants.

Why Exclaim?

The Exclaim team has worked tirelessly developing a platform that allows for teams to workshop their jersey design, buy in bulk through a purchase order system, open a team store, and manage fundraising in an automated and scalable way. This positions us to take on the challenge of outfitting an entire league. We are automated on both the front and back ends which gives us the confidence to outfit any number of esports teams across the country or globe. Esports cirriculums are intertwined with STEM and design occupations. At Exclaim, we are proud to be a business within the gaming industry that exemplifies many of those careers and occupations.

"The ability to design our own gear, create our own store, and manage our own fundraising with Exclaim is a win for everyone" says Chris Aviles, president of Garden State Esports. "Our long-term partnership with Exclaim will allow GSE and the teams we serve to not have to worry about funding every year. Instead, everyone will be able to grow their program knowing they can raise the money they need through Exclaim's platform", he continued.

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