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Esports Team Fundraising Partnership

Exclaim puts the power of fundraising in your hands with the

most complete design to ecommerce solution for esports.

Design your jerseys and apparel and launch your store today.



Unlock complete access to hundreds of print and embroidery products for purchase by your team, league, or community by simply uploading your vectorized logo to the online design platform.

Activate your esports store in minutes

Cost is based on earned store tier (1-10). There is no cap on sales price, so you are free to adjust pricing yourself to increase or decrease your fundraising.


All store sales are displayed on your account in real time with a live ledger of your earnings.



We offer partnership referral links to share and raise your funds through our affiliate program.

Esports affiliate program

Share the link with anyone in your network and their common purchases on jerseys, tshirts, hats, and hoodies all raise funds for your Exclaim account.



We offer all Exclaim store creators the opportunity to reinvest your account funds back into apparel from your personal store at

Esport team sponsorship

Earned account funds used to make additional purchases through Exclaim will make a percentage based contribution towards your purchase. The percentage contributed by Exclaim is relative to the tier level your store has earned.

Shop custom esports jerseys by style

Each product has many design templates to explore.

Custom Crew Neck Esports Jersey
Custom Crew Neck Esports Jersey

69 Design Templates

$30.00 - $59.99

No Minimum Order

Estimated Ship: Mar 8 - Mar 12

Custom Vneck Esports Jersey
Custom Vneck Esports Jersey

31 Design Templates

$30.00 - $59.99

No Minimum Order

Estimated Ship: Mar 8 - Mar 12

Custom Dual Neck Esports Jersey
Custom Dual Neck Esports Jersey

32 Design Templates

$51.99 - $79.99

No Minimum Order

Estimated Ship: Mar 19 - Mar 26

Dual Collar Esports Jersey
Dual Collar Esports Jersey

43 Design Templates

$45.49 - $69.99

No Minimum Order

Estimated Ship: Mar 19 - Mar 26

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Esports Jersey Design

Once you have your logo as a vector graphics or if you are placing an order without your custom logo, then you can move on to your custom esports jersey design! To start, you can apply your custom colors, move them to different locations of the shirt, and choose which you believe looks the best. Once you've completed your design you can add the rest of your team to the roster, automatically receive bulk ordering discounts, and place your order.


Printing Esports Jerseys

Once your order is placed we prepare it for the printer. We use a large format dye sublimation printer to print directly onto, basically, a sheet of paper. One key benefit of using this method is you are not limited by colors. You are able to use any color possible in your custom esports jersey design! After the shirt is printed to transfer paper, it is heat applied to the blank, white, polyester fabric that makes up the fabrication of the gaming jersey. The ink is most literally pressed into the fabric. This is why the jerseys are so vibrant!


Cut & Sew your Jersey

This step is exactly as it sounds. We now have something that doesn't look like a gaming jersey at all. We have moisture management fabric with your custom esports jersey pressed into it. From there, we cut the shirt to shape and sew it together, package it, and ship it out.


Maximizing Success with Exclaim: An Onboarding Guide for Partners

Dive into our definitive checklist and detailed outline tailored for sponsored partners on the Exclaim platform. This blog post offers a step-by-step walkthrough of the onboarding process, from initial registration to advanced store management and promotional strategies, ensuring you leverage every feature for maximum impact in the esports apparel realm.